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Entries for Cork 20 International Rally, 2023

2023-08-05 to 2023-08-06 at Cork

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Josh Moffett/Andy Hayes Co. Monaghan/Co. Dublin Hyundai I20 R5 RC2
2 Callum Devine/Noel O'Sullivan Derry/Co. Kerry VW Polo GTI R5 RC2
3 Meirion Evans/Jonathan Jackson Wales/England VW Polo GTI R5 RC2
4 Robert Barrable/Gordon Noble Co. Dublin/Northern Ireland Citroen C3 Rally 2 RC2
5 Jonathan Greer/Niall Burns Co. Down/Co. Donegal Citroen C3 Rally 2 RC2
8 Ryan Loughran/Gareth Doherty Co. Tyrone/Co. Donegal Ford Fiesta 24
9 Owen Murphy/Anthony Nestor Co. Cork/Co. Limerick Citroen C3 Rally 2 RC2
11 Cal McCarthy/Eric Calnan Co. Cork/Cork Citroen C3 Rally 2 RC2
15 James Ford/Neil Shanks England/ Citroen C3 Rally 2 RC2
16 Keith Lyons/JJ Cremin Co. Limerick/Co. Cork VW Polo RC2
17 David Guest/Jonathan McGrath Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Fiesta RC2
18 Jason McSweeney/Liam Brennan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Skoda Fabia 24
19 Eddie Doherty/Tom Murphy Co. Kilkenny/Limerick Ford Escort 14
22 James Stafford/Richard Cleary Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Darrian T90 GTR 14
24 Frank Kelly/Lauren Kelly Co. Tyrone/Co. Tyrone Ford Escort Mk2 14
25 Colin Byrne/Stephen Quin Cork/Cork Ford Escort 14
26 Denis Moynihan/Martin O'Brien Co. Cork/Cork Ford Fiesta 24
27 Mark Dolphin/Eugene Cronin Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort 14
28 Oliver Benton/Kyle Diffin UK/Co. Armagh Ford Escort Mk2 13
29 Cian Walsh/Dylan Doonan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Toyota Corolla 13
31 Tomas O'Rourke/Ciara Griffin Co. Wexford/Co. Kerry Mitsubishi Evo 9 RC2
34 Casey Jay Coleman/Lorcan Moore Co. Tipperary/Dublin Ford Fiesta RC4
35 Ioan Lloyd/Sion Williams Wales/Wales Peugeot 208 Rally 4 RC4
36 Cian Caldwell/Liam Egan Co. Meath/Co. Galway Ford Fiesta RC4
37 Shane Quinn/Stephen Joyce Co. Longford/Co. Galway Ford Fiesta RC4
38 Aaron Browne/Derry Long Co. Cork/Co. Cork Honda Civic 11F
39 Mark O'Leary/Andrew Cronin Co. Cork/Co. Cork Toyota Starlet 11F
40 Fergal McGuigan/Michael Moran Derry/Derry Ford Escort 13
41 Mickey Conlon/Domhnall Lennon Co. Monaghan/Co. Louth Ford Escort 12
43 Niall Fitzpatrick/Matthew Reade Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Ford Escort Mk1 12
44 Brian Bolger/Martin Byrne Co. Meath/Co. Cavan Ford R5 mk2 24
45 Chris Ford/Neil Colman UK/England Citroen C3 Rally 2 RC2
46 Shane Dillon/Tomás Ryan Co. Clare/Co. Clare Honda Civic 11F
47 Mac Walsh/Damien Sheridan Co. Donegal/Co. Donegal Ford Escort 13
48 Stefan Davies/Marc Mayes Wales/Wales Ford Escort Mk2 14
49 Michael Curran/Ben Teggart Co. Meath/Northern Ireland Ford Escort Mk2 14
51R John Hickey/Niall Myers Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Fubaru Escort RS 4x4 20
54R Shane Casey/Sean Nolan Co. Cork/Co. Kerry Ford Fiesta RC4
55 John Joe Williams/Rosaleen Kelly Australia/Co. Cork Ford Escort Mk2 13
57 Kenny O'Brien/Gary Lombard Co. Wexford/Co. Cork Vauxhall Nova 9
58 Paul Casey/Jonathan Kenneally Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort 12
59 Huw Jeffreys/Avarina Jeffreys Wales/Wales Subaru Impreza N10 20
64 CJ O'Sullivan/Eoghan Doherty Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Honda Civic 11F
66 Pa O'Mahony/Shauna O'Mahony Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Fiesta 22
67R Ger Seaman/Daniel Seaman Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort G3 12
68 Anthony Whelton/Colm O'Mahoney Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort 11R
69R Noel McCarthy/Joseph O'Sullivan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort 9
72 Amy Burke/Emel McNamara Co. Kerry/Co. Kilkenny Ford Fiesta Mark 1 11R
74 Sam Leech/Barry Attridge Co. Kerry/Co. Cork Opel Corsa 10
75 Keith Costello/John Burke Co. Galway/Co. Galway Ford Fiesta RC4
78 James Boland/John Mccay Co. Wexford/Co. Kildare Ford Fiesta RC3
80 Daragh O'Riordan/Mickey Walsh Cork/Co. Cork Ford Fiesta 20
82 Hazel O'Callaghan/Sinead Canny Limerick/Co. Clare Ford Escort Mk2 13
83 John Quill/Alan Hartigan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Citroen C2 R2 11F
84 Pius O'Connell/George Swanton Cork/Co. Cork Subaru Impreza 20
85 Michael O'Regan/Jamie Collins Co. Cork/Co. Cork Honda Civic eg6 11F
86R Tommy Randles/Jason O'Connor Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Ford Escort 14

Entries for the Historic category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
201 Neil Williams/Anthony O'Sullivan Wales/Co. Cork Ford Escort RS1800 18
202 Duncan Williams/Guy Weaver England/England Ford Escort RS1800 18
203 Michael McDaid/Declan Casey Co. Fermanagh/Co. Cork Ford Escort RS1800 18
204 Trevor Wilson/Paul Mulholland Co. Armagh/Co. Down Ford Escort Mk2 18
206 Ray Breen/Damien Morrissey Co. Waterford/ Subaru Legacy RS 19
207 Tomas Davies/Dai Roberts Wales/Wales Ford Escort 19
208 Allen Treacy/Brian O'Keeffe Co. Cork/Co. Waterford Ford Escort RS1800 18
210 Philip Rogers/Sion Jones Wales/Wales Ford Escort 18
212 Peadar Walsh/Grace Walsh Cork/Cork Ford Escort Mk1 18
214 Grant Shand/Rosa Shand England/England Ford Escort RS Mk2 19
215 Martin Rossiter/Ian Davis Wales/Wales Ford Escort RS1800 18
216R Robert Falvey/John Doody Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort RS2000 18
217 Alan Watkins/Eoghan McCarthy UK/Co. Cork Ford Escort RS2000 18
218 Ian Davies/Mark Crisp UK/UK BMW M3 e30 19
220 Jonni McDaid/Tony McGovern Co. Fermanagh/Co. Fermanagh Talbot Gp B Samba 17

Entries for the Junior category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
301 Darragh O'Donovan/Michael White Co. Cork/Co. Cork Honda Civic 16
302 Ben McIntyre/Anthony McDonald Co. Cavan/Co. Cavan Honda Civic EK4 16
303 Evan McEvoy/Ciaran O'Sullivan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Honda Civic 16
304 Kyle Browne/Eoin Collins Co. Cork/Co. Cork Honda Civic 16
306 Robbie O'Hanlon/Oisín Joyce Co. Cork/Co. Donegal Honda Civic 16
307R Barry McIntyre/Conor O'Connell Co. Cork/Co. Cork Honda Civic 16
309 Catherine Walsh/Angiee Michniewicz Co. Cork/ Honda Civic 16
310 Dylan Sheehan/Aaron O'Connor Co. Cork/Co. Kerry Honda EG 16
312 Simon Donegan/Graham Roche Co. Limerick/Co. Limerick Peugeot 106 GTi 16

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