Entries for Heartlands Mini-Stages Rally, 2018

2018-06-10 at Portlaoise

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Enda O'Brien/John Butler Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Ford Escort RS Mk2 14
2 David Condell/George Condell Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Ford Escort Mk2 14
3 Jack Newman/Andrew Browne Co. Meath/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
4 Colin Byrne/Eric Calnan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort RS Mk2 14
5 Alan Smyth/Mac Kierans Co. Tyrone/Co. Monaghan Mitsubishi Evo 10 20
6R Dan Gorman/Nigel Moody Co. Laois/Co. Laois Ford Escort Mk2 13
8 Leon Galvin/Ger Foley Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort Mk2 13
9 Alan Atcheson/Thomas Wedlock Co. Tyrone/Co. Cavan Ford Fiesta 20
10 Brian O'Keeffe/Sean Hayde Co. Waterford/Cork Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
11 Eamon O'Connell/Paul Bruton Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Fiesta S2000 20
12R Conor McCrossan/Kevin Flanagan Co. Tyrone/Co. Wicklow Skoda S2000 20
15 Lloyd Hutchinson/Willie Fitzpatrick Co. Wicklow/Co. Laois Austin Mini Cooper S 9
16 Declan Byrne/Gary Deegan Co. Laois/Co. Laois Honda Civic Type R 2
17 Jason Roche/John McCarthy Co. Wicklow/Co. Dublin Ford Escort Mk2 13
19 Leo Doyle/Gordon Manley Co. Kildare/Co. Wicklow Ford Escort Mk1 13
20 Michael Brazil/Ray Fitzpatrick Co. Meath/Co. Laois Peugeot 205 RWD 13
21 Eamonn McGuigan/Micheal Moran Co. Londonderry/ Ford Escort 12
22 John Kelly/Paul Kelly Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Peugeot 106 2
24 Neil Phelan/Joey Hearns Co. Cork/Co. Laois Ford Escort 14
25 Anthony Masterson/Tom Clinton Co. Meath/Co. Cavan Honda Civic 11F
26 Pascal O'Shea/Robbie Hennessy Co. Kilkenny/Co. Wexford BMW 325 14
27 Paul Manton/Adam Coffey Co. Tipperary/Co. Tipperary Citroen DS3 R3 3
28 Larry Brady/Anne Brady Co. Laois/Co. Laois Honda Civic 3
29 Richie Dalton/Ger Brett Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Subaru Impreza N11 4
30 Cal McCarthy/Gavin Sheehan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Citroen C2 R2 2
31 Eoin Neville/Daymon Nicoli Co. Wexford/Australia Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
32 Colum Browne/Paddy King Co. Tipperary/Co. Tipperary Honda Civic 11F
33 Aaron Martley/Leona Martley Co. Laois/Co. Laois Toyota Corolla Twincam 11R
34 Liam Higgins/Alan Higgins Co. Offaly/Co. Offaly BMW E30 11R
35 Patrick Delaney/Stephen Delaney Co. Laois/Co. Laois Ford Escort Mk2 12
36 Tommy Foley/Aarron Watters Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic 11F
37 Brian Cooney/Michael Whelan Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Ford Escort 12
38 Mike Dolan/Ann Hutchinson Co. Galway/Co. Laois Honda Civic 11F
39 Andrew McLoone/William Kehoe Co. Tyrone/ Vauxhall Chevette HSR 13
40 John Hayes/Liam Howlett Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic R3 3
41 Francis Kelly/Charlotte Egan Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Vauxhall Nova 9
42 Brian Nugent/Pat Knox Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Subaru Impreza 15
46 Alan Lane/Ger Clancy Co. Cork/Co. Tipperary Honda Civic 11F
47 Brian Walker/Matthew Murphy Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Ford Puma 11F
48 John McDonald/James McDonald Co. Laois/Co. Laois Ford Escort Mk2 11R
49 Ciaran Cloke/David Doyle Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Peugeot 306 GTI 6 3
50 Mark Ashton/Tony Kelly Co. Wicklow/Co. Carlow Honda Civic EK4 1
51R Brendan Hearns/Stephen Hearns Co. Laois/Co. Laois Opel Corsa 9
52 Cathal Martley/Jess Arstall Co. Laois/Co. Laois Toyota Corolla Twincam 11R
53 P J Doyle/Peter Ryan Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Peugeot 205 9
54 Des Lyons/Des Sherlock Co. Galway/Co. Galway Honda Civic EK4 11F
55 Michael Tumulty/Jay Walker Co. Westmeath/Co. Westmeath Peugeot 106 Cup Car 1
56 Ciaran Forrestal/Noel Byrne UK/Co. Wexford Peugeot 205 GTi 10
59 Joe Moffitt/Eddie Moffitt Co. Laois/Co. Laois Honda Civic 1
60R Shane Curry/Noel Coogan Co. Carlow/Co. Kilkenny Citroen C2 R2 2
61 George Cullen/Thomas Hayes Co. Galway/Co. Tipperary Ford Escort RS1800 19
62 Wayne Keogh/Lyndsey Keogh Co. Kildare/Co. Kildare Skoda Fabia VRS TDI 3
63 Martin Freestone/Misha Freestone Isle of Man/Isle of Man Ford RS 1600 18
64 Stephen Dooley/Sean Lambert Co. Carlow/Co. Wicklow Ford Escort Mk2 11R
66 Mark O'Connor/Dean Kelly Co. Kildare/Co. Kildare Ford Escort Mk2 11R
67 Michael Cunniffe/Barry Talt Co. Westmeath/Co. Kildare Peugeot 106 GTi 16
68 Derek Walker/Shane Walker Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Toyota Corolla Twincam 11R
69 Mark Hayden/John Pettit Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort Mk2 11R
71 Ger Power/David Busher Co. Wexford/ Vauxhall Nova 9
73 Chris Armstrong/Keith Moriarty Co. Cavan/Co. Limerick Ford Escort Mk2 14
74 David Fitzsimons/Leonard Tuite Co. Meath/Co. Meath Ford Escort Mk2 13
75 Jonathan Pringle/Paul Sheridan Co. Cavan/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort mk 2 14
77 Graham Kelly/Tim Maher Co. Kildare/Co. Tipperary Ford Escort 13

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