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Entries for Laois Heartlands Mini-Stages Rally, 2023

2023-06-04 at Portlaoise

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Declan Gallagher/ TBA Co. Donegal/ Toyota Starlet RWD 14
2 Eddie Doherty/Killian McArdle Co. Kilkenny/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort 14
3 ED O'Callaghan/Kaine Treanor Limerick/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort Mk2 14
4 Marty Toner/Ben Teggart Co. Armagh/Co. Down BMW 1M 14
5 David Condell/Michael Coady Co. Carlow/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
6 Barry Meade/Eamon Hayes Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort Mk2 14
8 Chris O'Callaghan/Tom Murphy Co. Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort 14
9 Michael Carbin/Dean O'Sullivan Co. Monaghan/Co. Donegal Mitsubishi Evo 8 20
10 Daragh O'Riordan/Sean McCarthy Cork/ Ford Fiesta 20
11 Adrian Hetherington/Ronan O'Neill Co. Tyrone/Co. Tyrone Ford Escort RS1800 13
12 Richard Moore/ TBA Co. Wexford/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
14 Alan Smyth/Gary McCrudden Northern Ireland/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort 14
15 John Warren/Ruthann O'Connor Co. Mayo/Co. Mayo Toyota Corolla Twincam 13
16 Dave Slattery/Denis Coffey Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Ford Escort Mk2 13
17 Mike Quinn/Kieran Doherty Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Ford Escort Mk2 14
18 Aidan Bourke/Pierce Jnr. Doheny Co. Tipperary/Co. Louth Ford Escort Mk2 13
19 Tim Flood/Anthony Smith Co. Cavan/Co. Cavan Ford Escort 13
20 Ed Synan/Denis O'Connell Co. Limerick/Co. Kerry Ford Escort 14
21 Tomas O'Rourke/Tomas Scallan Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
22 Peter Wilson/John McCarty Co. Meath/Co. Kerry Ford Escort Mk2 13
23 Sean Moran/Tommy O'Connor Co. Limerick/Co. Limerick Ford Escort Mk2 13
24 Kevin Dolphin/Mannion Dave Co. Cork/ Ford Escort 14
25 John Lynch/ TBA Co. Laois/ TBA TBA
26 James Cassidy/Domhnall Lennon Co. Meath/Co. Louth Ford Escort 12
27 Eamonn McGuigan/Moran Michael Derry/ Ford Escort 12
28 Paul Manton/Derek Gibbs Co. Tipperary/Co. Tipperary Mitsubishi Evo x 20
29 William (billy) Nolan/Aaron Browne Co. Carlow/Co. Cork Toyota Corolla 11R
30 Cathal Martley/Shane Gorman Co. Laois/Co. Laois Toyota Corolla Twincam 11R
32 Cian Walsh/Dylan Doonan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Toyota Corolla 13
33 Johnny O'Connor/Michael Breen Co. Limerick/Co. Limerick Mitsubishi Mirage RS 20
34 Brian Moore/ TBA Co. Mayo/ Honda Civic 11F
35 John Watters/Trevor Graham Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 14
36 Jason Tuthill/Fogarty John Co. Dublin/Co. Kildare Ford Escort 13
37 Michael Brazil/Ray Fitzpatrick Co. Westmeath/Co. Laois Peugeot 205 RWD 13
38 Thomas Lynch/Evan Downey Co. Laois/ Ford Escort G3 13
39 Darragh Kelly/Eamonn Doherty Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 13
40 Pat Kelly/ TBA Co. Galway/ Ford Fiesta 20
41 Neil Tohill/Gerard Tohill Co. Wicklow/Co. Dublin Mitsubishi Evo 10 20
42 John Boland/Paul O'Leary Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort Mk2 13
43 Tommy Foley/William Tracey Co. Wexford/Co. Kilkenny Honda Civic 11F
44 James Boland/John McCay Co. Wexford/Co. Kildare Ford Fiesta 20
45 John Kelly/Paul Kelly Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Mitsubishi Evo 6 20
46 Craig Rahill/Conor Smith Co. Cavan/Co. Cavan Ford Escort Mk2 11R
47 Raymond O'Neill/Jason O'Connor Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Ford Escort Mk2 12
48 Kevin Cole/Matthew Kirwan Co. Cavan/Co. Cavan Ford Escort 13
49 Larry Brady/Anne Brady Co. Laois/Co. Laois Honda EG6 11F
50 Justin Comer/Adrain Comer Galway/Co. Galway Ford Escort 13
51 John O'Rourke/William Nolan Co. Carlow/Co. Cork Opel Corsa Rally 4 2
52 Aaron Martley/ TBA Co. Laois/ Toyota Corolla Twincam 13
53 Dominic McLoughlin/Emer Kearns Co. Sligo/Co. Sligo Peugeot 206 13
54 Jason Roche/Porter Jason Co. Wicklow/Co. Wicklow Ford Escort Mk2 13
55 Christy Carey/Richard Talbot Co. Clare/Co. Kerry Mitsubishi Evo 8 15
56 Philip Hamilton/Damian Kelly Co. Armagh/Co. Tyrone Ford Escort Mk2 12
57 James Bradley/David Doyle Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Fiesta 2
58 James John Wall/Pauline Knowles Co. Laois/Co. Laois Ford Escort 13
59 Declan Byrne/Gary Deegan Co. Laois/Co. Laois Honda Civic Type R 2
60 Mac Walsh/ TBA Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 3
61 Aidan Walsh/ TBA Co. Limerick/ Ford Escort 13
62 Barry Murphy/John McGrath Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Mitsubishi Evo x 20
63 Richie Dalton/Ger Brett Co. Kilkenny/ Mitsubishi Evo 9
64 Adrian Cannon/Ambrose Dunne Co. Donegal/Co. Laois Ford Escort G3 12
65 Neil Martin Brogan/James McGlinchey Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic EK4 11F
66 Leo Doyle/ TBA Co. Kildare/ Ford Escort Mk1 1
67 Anthony Masterson/Tommy Clinton Co. Meath/Co. Meath Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
69 Philip McDonald/Shane Corcoran Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Honda Civic 11F
70 Paschal O'Shea/Larry O'Shea Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny BMW 3 Series Compact 14
71 Alan Doherty/Colm Doherty Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Toyota Starlet 13
72 Patrick Bradley/Eoin Collins Co. Westmeath/Co. Cork Honda Civic EK4 11F
73 Jason O'Brien/Ger Clancy Co. Tipperary/Co. Tipperary Ford Escort 13
74 Brendan Stone/John Kieran Co. Kildare/Co. Kilkenny Subaru Impreza 20
75 Eamonn Barrett/Adrian O'Gorman Co. Limerick/Co. Tipperary Ford Escort 9
76 Colum Browne/Kieran Carroll Co. Tipperary/Co. Kilkenny Honda Civic 11F
77 Padraig Gorman/Dylan Gorman Co. Laois/Co. Laois Toyota Starlet RWD 10
78 Ronan Quinn/Kevin Heffernan Co. Longford/Co. Longford Ford Escort 13
79 Ben Bowler/Patrick Bowler Co. Laois/Co. Laois Honda Civic Vtec 11F
80 Ger O'Brien/John Liston Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Ford Escort 13
81 Mike Garahy/Iarla McCarthy Co. Offaly/Co. Cork Ford Escort Mk2 10
82 Brendan Furlong/Jack Harris Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Peugeot 205 GTi 10
83 Raymond Spence/Ger Somers Co. Down/Co. Kerry Ford Escort Mk2 13
84 Tom White/Shane O'Dowd Co. Wexford/ Honda Civic 11F
85 Mark Hayden/Peter Ryan Co. Wexford/ Darrian T9 11R
86 P Malone/Keith Naghton Co. Clare/Co. Clare Ford Escort 13
87 Keith Costello/John Burke Co. Galway/Co. Galway Ford Fiesta 2
88 John Smithwick/Alex Wilsdon Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Ford Escort 11R
89 Shane Casey/Séamus McHugh Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Fiesta 2
90 David Doherty/ TBA Co. Roscommon/ Peugeot 206 Cup Car 2
91 Mike Dolan/Katarzyna Galinska Co. Galway/Co. Galway Honda Civic 11F
92 Gerard Greene/Jamsie Ward Co. Donegal/Co. Donegal Ford Escort Mk2 11R
94 Alan O'Riordan/James Jordan Co. Cork/Co. Cork Subaru Impreza 20
95 Sean Enright/Kevin Doherty Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Ford Escort Mk2 12
96 Gavin Sheill/Ken Blanche Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Ford Fiesta ST 1
97 Seamus Heaney/Patrick Heaney Co. Laois/Co. Laois Honda Civic Vtec 11F
98 Emmet Watchorn/Tommy Cuddihy Co. Carlow/Co. Tipperary Ford Escort Mk2 13
99 Danny McCormack/James Flood Co. Meath/ Honda Civic EK4 11F
100 Gearóid O'Regan/Brian Martyn Co. Kerry/Co. Galway Honda Civic Type R 3
101 Michael Ormond/King Paddy Co. Tipperary/Co. Tipperary Honda R3 3
102 Martin McKeown/Declan Ryan Co. Meath/Co. Meath Ford Escort 13
103 David Dowling/Patrick Dowling Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Ford Escort 12
104 Hazel O'Callaghan/Ella Ryan Limerick/Co. Cork Ford Escort Mk2 13
105 Katie Quinn/Ciara O'Connell Co. Clare/ Honda Civic 2
106 Wayne Keogh/JJ Cremin Co. Kildare/Co. Cork Skoda S2000 5
107 Rory Carroll/John Conway Co. Sligo/Co. Sligo Ford Escort 12
108 Des Forrestall/Davy Creane Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Toyota Corolla Twincam 11R
109 Andy Farmer/Dylan Harrington Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Toyota Corolla Twincam 11R
111 Gerard Sharkey/ TBA Co. Donegal/ Renault Clio 5
112 Eamon Daly/ TBA Co. Limerick/ Toyota Kp60 13
113 Shane Coogan/Coogan Noel Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Citroen C2 R2 2
114 Paul Roche/Denny Greaney Co. Limerick/Co. Kerry Ford Fiesta 2
116 Ray Kirwan/David Busher Co. Waterford/ Honda EP3 3
117 Cathal Keane/Derry Long Co. Galway/Co. Cork Honda Civic 11F
118 Kieran Baverstock/Tommy Daly Co. Cork/Co. Cork Honda Civic 11F
119 Eddie Kennelly/Paul McGlinchey Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Ford Escort Mk2 11R
120 Damien Brophy/Gerard Buckley Co. Laois/Co. Laois Toyota Starlet RWD 11R
121 David Coady/ TBA Co. Waterford/ Ford Escort Mk2 11R
122 Mark Martley/ TBA Co. Laois/ Talbot Sunbeam 6
123 Stephen Brennan/Knox Pat Co. Kilkenny/ Honda Civic Type R 3
124 Mikey Ryan/Eoghan Doherty Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Honda Civic 16
125 Amy Burke/Emel McNamara Co. Kerry/Co. Kilkenny Ford Fiesta Mark 1 11R
126 Podge Cronin/Josh Radford Co. Cork/Co. Cork Honda Civic 11F
127 Aaron Doran/Eoin Kinsella Co. Wexford/ Honda Civic 16
128 John McDonald/James McDonald Co. Laois/Co. Laois Ford Escort Mk2 11R
129 David O'Brien/O Brien Niall Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Ford Escort 17
130 Nigel Creagh/Alan Keena Co. Westmeath/Co. Westmeath Ford Escort 18
131 Brian Walker/DJ O'Dwyer Co. Carlow/Co. Laois Honda EG6 11F
133 Eddie Moffitt/Liam Grant Co. Laois/Co. Laois Ford Fiesta 2
134 Clohessy Ronan/O Loughlin Ailís Co. Clare/ Honda Civic EK4 11F
135 Anthony O'Driscoll/Kieth Cross Co. Cork/Co. Laois Peugeot 208 R2 2
136 Tommy Rogers/Stephen Cooke Co. Cavan/Co. Cavan TBA TBA
137 Aidan Kilkenny/ TBA Co. Louth/ Ford Escort Mk2 9
138 Stephen Conn/ TBA Co. Armagh/ Ford Fiesta 1
139 Colin Mullins/Cathal Mullins Co. Galway/Co. Galway Honda Civic EK4 1
140 Declan O'Sullivan/Jonathon O'Shea Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry VW Golf Mk1 10
141 Dáire Gleeson/Shane O'Mahony Co. Kilkenny/Co. Cork Ford Escort Mk2 11R
143 Casey Jay Coleman/TBA TBA Co. Tipperary/ Ford Fiesta 2
145 Graham Kelly/Thomas Treanor Co. Kildare/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort G4 13
152 Des Lyons/Ashling McArdle Co. Galway/Co. Monaghan Honda EG6 11F
153 James McCarville/Conal McNulty Co. Monaghan/Co. Donegal Ford Escort Mk2 13
154 Michael Cahill/Conor Lapin Co. Meath/Co. Cavan Ford Escort 11R
156 Leon Galvin/Ger Foley Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort Mk2 13
160 James Reilly/ TBA Co. Longford/ TBA TBA

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