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Entries for Mayo Stages Rally, 2015

2015-03-08 at

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Paddy McVeigh/Gary McElhinney Co. Tyrone/Co. Donegal Subaru Impreza S12B 7
2 Niall Maguire/Enda Sherry Co. Monaghan/ Subaru Impreza WRC 7
3 Frank Wray/Kieran McGrath Co. Tyrone/ Subaru Impreza WRC 7
4 Aaron McHale/Paul McGee Co. Kildare/Co. Mayo Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
5 Shane Maguire/Stephen Thornton Co. Monaghan/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
6 Trevor Bustard/John McCafferty Co. Donegal/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
7R Pat Kirk/John McElhinney Co. Armagh/Co. Donegal Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
8 Jonathon Pringle/Martin Byrne Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
9R Damian Toner/Damien Fleming Co. Armagh/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
10 Pat Donnegan/Alan Keena Co. Meath/Co. Westmeath Ford Escort Mk2 14
11 David Moffett/Fintan Sherry Co. Monaghan/ Toyota Starlet 13
12 Daniel Conaghan/Terence Magee Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 13
14 David Armstrong/Paul Mulholland Co. Down/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
15 Fintan McGrady/Gavin Campbell Co. Antrim/Co. Down Ford Escort 14
17R Micheal Carbin/Emmet McCooey Co. Monaghan/ Mitsubishi Evo 4 20
18R Andrew Fanning/Derek Gibbs Co. Tipperary/ Ford Fiesta R2 20
19 Conor Watters/Paddy McCrudden Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 14
20 Shane Buckley/John Lynch Co. Mayo/Co. Cork Honda Civic 13
21 Calvin Beattie/Darragh Mullen Co. Down/ Ford Fiesta R2 2
22 Marty Toner/Sharon Clarke Co. Armagh/Co. Sligo Talbot Sunbeam 12
23 Declan McNaughton/Ronan O'Neill Co. Armagh/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
24 Seamus Connolly/Gary McCrudden Co. Monaghan/ Ford Escort G3 11R
26 Brian Armstrong/Mark Tierney Co. Tyrone/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort Mk2 12
27 Colin Loughney/Seamus Murphy Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort Mk2 12
28 Dermot Cannon/Bobby Trimble Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
30 Pat Price/Patrick Price Co. Dublin/ Mitsubishi Evo 6 20
31 Enda McCormack/Colin Fitzgerald USA/ Skoda Fabia S2000 5
32 Shane O'Rourke/Alan McGovern Co. Leitrim/Co. Dublin Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
33 Padraic McGee/Shane Barry Co. Donegal/Co. Mayo Honda Civic 1
34R Shane Forde/Seamus McTigue Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 2
36 Kevin McLaughlin/Michael McClafferty Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 11F
39 Brendan McAree/Johno Doogan Co. Monaghan/ Porsche 911 14
41 Kenneth McHale/Derek McCarthy Co. Mayo/ Subaru Impreza 15
42 Marty Gallagher/Dean O'Sullivan Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 11F
44 Barry Cuffe/Aidan Gannon Co. Mayo/Co. Sligo Ford Escort 11R
46R Vincent McAree/Martin Connolly Co. Monaghan/ Ford Escort 13
47 Drew Stewart/Steven Park Co. Antrim/ Ford Escort Mk2 13
48 Ciaran Kennedy/Patrick O'Hora Co. Mayo/ Honda Civic 1
50R Mark Boyle/Charles Gallagher Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 1
51 Sean McCaul/Frank Clerkin Co. Monaghan/ Ford Escort G3 11R
52 Cartha Boyle/Johnny Rooney Co. Donegal/Co. Leitrim Ford Escort 11R
53 Declan Hall/Chris Corr Co. Armagh/Co. Tyrone Toyota Corolla 11R
54 Christy Gallagher/Pauric Carr Co. Donegal/ Toyota Starlet 11R
56 Gene McDonald/Kevin Reilly Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort Mk2 9
57 Liam Regan/David McElroy Co. Antrim/Co. Down Ford Escort 12
58 Damien Scanlon/Sean Harte Co. Sligo/ Honda Civic 1
59 Roger Kennedy/Wendy Blackledge Co. Antrim/Co. Fermanagh Peugeot 306 3
60 John Duffy/John Egan Co. Mayo/Co. Meath Honda Integra 3
62 Matthew Murphy/Ronan Murphy Co. Mayo/ Toyota Corolla 11R
63 Simon Michael/Connor Dunlop Co. Antrim/ Ford Escort Mk2 12
64 William Carey/Jimmy Graham Co. Antrim/ Ford Escort Mk2 13
65 Brendan O'Reilly/Mark Hamill Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 9
66 Michael Ryan/Billy Shealy Co. Tipperary/ Honda Civic 2
67 JF Shovelin/Terence Furey Co. Donegal/ Subaru Impreza 15
68 Adrian Sweeney/Shane Buckley Co. Donegal/ Peugeot 207 11F
70 Philip Hamilton/Damian Kelly Co. Armagh/Co. Tyrone Citroen C2 11F
71 Charlie Heraghty/Barry McBride Co. Donegal/ Toyota Corolla 11R
74 Declan Connolly/Alison Hughes Co. Monaghan/ Honda Civic 9
75R Gerard Gibbons/Adrian Rankin Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 11R
76 Ruairi McCaffrey/Aaron Johnston Co. Tyrone/Co. Louth Honda Civic 1
77 David Healy/Stephen McGing Co. Mayo/ Honda Civic 1
78 Tony Langdon/David Loughney Co. Mayo/ Honda Civic 2
79 Michael Loughney/Fergal Loughney Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort 9
83 Kevin Cole/Matthew Kirwan Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 12
84 Johnny Orr/Marty McBearty Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 1
85 Johnny Treanor/Adrian Foley Co. Monaghan/ Vauxhall Nova 9
86 Ivan Warwick/Evelyn Warwick Co. Antrim/ Audi Quattro SWB 20
87 Shane Carr/Ciaran Carr Co. Donegal/ Vauxhall Nova 10
88 Andrew Stewart/Tony Gallagher Co. Donegal/ Mitsubishi Evo 15
89 Stephen Campbell/Billy Fanneran Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 1
90 Karl Fallis/Steven Monaghan Co. Fermanagh/ Honda Civic 2
91 Mark Murphy/Paul Stuart Co. Sligo/ Ford Escort 12
92 Ronan Moore/Lorcan Moore Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort 3
94 Stephen Kelly/Jared Gill Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort Mk2 11R
96 Michael Feeney/Paul McGinnis Co. Galway/Co. Mayo VW Golf 10
97 Martin Cawley/Kenneth Langan Co. Mayo/ Peugeot 205 GTi 10
98 Aubrey Carson/Mary McAndrew Co. Mayo/ Vauxhall Nova 10
99 Raymond Carroll/Chrystal Culkeen Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort 10
100 Brian Lavelle/Shane Byrne Co. Mayo/ Honda Civic 1
101 Patrick McEveney/Patrick (Jnr) McEveney Co. Mayo/ Toyota Corolla 11F
103 Padraig Conneely/Liam Walsh Co. Mayo/ Toyota Corolla 11F
104 David Moran/Robert Culliney Co. Mayo/ Citroen Saxo 10
106 Rory Byrne/Premyslaw Nowak Co. Down/ Mitsubishi Evo 5

Entries for the Historic category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
40 John Coyne/Christy Farrell USA/Co. Meath Talbot Sunbeam Lotus 19

Entries for the Junior category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
43 Keelan Maguire/Martin McGarrity Co. Tyrone/Co. Fermanagh Honda Civic 16
61 Martin Swinburne/Gretchen Fegan Co. Monaghan/ Toyota Corolla Twincam 16
72 Paul Crosby/Fintan Lennon Co. Cavan/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort G3 16
73 Justin Ryan/John Burke Co. Galway/ Honda Civic 16
82R Noel Murphy/Stephen Monaghan Co. Mayo/Co. Galway Honda Civic 16
93 Trisha Greavy/Thomas Wedlock Co. Mayo/Co. Cavan Honda Civic 16
102 Gerard McHugh/Paul Gallagher Co. Donegal/Co. Londonderry Suzuki Swift 16
105 Stephen Doherty/Alan Moran Co. Mayo/ Opel Kadett 16

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